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IoICanada Immigration services

Elisabeth Isakov holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from York University. Elisabeth has the requisite pedigree to assist you in your immigration application.

Whether you are applying for the Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs or through sponsorship applications, or as an international student we have the required experience and reach to help you with your applications.

Why hire an immigration lawyer?

Canadian immigration law is complicated and frequent changes to employment categories, regulations, programs and even where to send your application can confuse many individuals. Choosing the wrong category to apply in, not knowing about a program that better fits your qualifications and experience, sending your application to the wrong visa office, or even using an outdated form can delay your application by months or even years and cost you unnecessary time and money – not to mention the risk of a refusal and having to start over again.

We work in a tightly regulated industry with strict standards of conduct and accountability. We can assist you by giving you a clear picture of the immigration programs, your options and the steps to take.