Grandparents and Parents Sponsorship

July 6, 2015

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Under this category of family sponsorship, you are able to sponsor your parents and/or grandparents for permanent residence in Canada. Those who qualify as sponsors will finally be able to be united with their parents and grandparents abroad. In order to qualify as a sponsor for parental sponsorship, you will need to meet certain qualifications as well as financial requirements.

In order to qualify as a sponsor, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • Be sponsoring a member of the Family Class;
  • Live in Canada and continue to live in Canada after the sponsored person obtains Permanent Resident status; 
  • Prove that you have sufficient income to provide basic requirements for your family members in Canada as well as the persons included in your Sponsorship Undertaking.

What You will Need

Aside from these qualifying factors to sponsorship, unlike other categories of family sponsorship, the sponsor will need to demonstrate that they meet the minimum necessary income as per your family size and the number of people you intend to sponsor. The minimum necessary income is determined based on the Low Income Cut off which is updated based on information gathered by Statistics Canada.


You can also co-sign with your spouse and share the responsibility. These means that both your incomes will be considered together and therefore you would also share the responsibility of the Undertaking when sponsoring. In order to demonstrate the minimum necessary income when sponsoring your grandparents. When assessing your Parental Sponsorship application and whether or not you qualify under the Minimum Necessary Income, an Immigration Officer making a decision on your matter will only review government documents to demonstrate your finances.

You should also note that when it comes to sponsoring your parents or grandparents, you will have to have met your Minimum Income requirement for the last 3 years preceding your application as well as throughout the application process.

Medical Exam

When applying for permanent residence, the applicant (your parent or grandparent) will also have to undergo a medical exam by a panel physician. This doctor, who is designated to perform such exams, will conduct a medical exam and provide the results to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The applicant will not see the results of this exam. From there, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will determine whether or not you are considered inadmissible on medical grounds.

You can be found inadmissible on medical grounds if:

  • You have a health condition that is likely to be a danger to public health
  • You have a health condition that is likely to be a danger to public safety
  • You have a health condition that might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services

How Isakov Immigration Law Can Help You:

When sponsoring your parents for permanent residence in Canada, demonstrating your qualifications as a sponsor and that you have the necessary financial capabilities to support their status in Canada is essential. Beyond this, it should be a momentous occasion. Let us help you reunite with your family and become whole again in Canada.

  • Draft the necessary forms;
  • Draft appropriate supporting documentation;
  • Help you gather the required documents; and
  • Be your representative when communicating with IRCC.