Authorization to Return to Canada ARC

May 2, 2015

Authorization to Return to Canada or ARC is a special permission that you will most likely need if you have been the subject of a removal order. If you have come to Canada to either visit, work or study and were unsuccessful in achieving your goal and were officially asked to leave Canada or have been the subject of a Removal Order, you will need special authorization to return to Canada. There are three kinds of removal orders. Each removal order has its own specific course of action that must be taken.

Departure Order

In case of Departure Order, you do not need a Authorization to Return to Canada, but you will need to convince the officer at the border that you will not violate any immigration laws. This means that you are freely leaving Canada of your own volition in compliance with Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s request. If you decide to comply and notify Border Officials of your departure, you may not need additional authorization to re-enter Canada at a later date.

Exclusion Order

In the case of an Exclusion Order, the restriction to come back to Canada can be of a period of one to two years, usually Immigration Canada issues Exclusion Order when a personal has overstayed in Canada than what was permitted to them, or if someone has misrepresented themselves before the Government of Canada in any immigration process. An exclusion order is more severe than a departure order. it is usually issued for those who have not complied with IRCC’s laws and regulations, have committed a crime in Canada or have misrepresented information on an application to IRCC Canada. 

Deportation Order

Deportation Order is often the most serious removal order as it bans the person to come back to Canada for life. The most common example of when deportation order is issued is when a person applied for refugee in the past and wants to come back to Canada sponsored by family or an employer. ARC will be required during the application process.

When an officer assesses your application, they will consider, among other things:

  • The reasons for the removal order;
  • The possibility that you will repeat the behavior that caused the order to be issued;
  • The length of time since the order was issued;
  • Your current situation;
  • The reason why you want to enter Canada.

How We Can Help

If you have received an exclusion order or deportation order, an application for an Authorization to Return to Canada may be in order. Depending on the nature of your removal order, you will need this special authorization before you can return to Canada.

In the case of an exclusion order, you will not be able to enter Canada for at least one year. If you wish to enter Canada prior to the end of this year period, you will need to obtain an Authorization to Return to Canada to facilitate this travel. Otherwise, you must wait for the year wait period to be over. If you received an exclusion order based on misrepresentation, the wait period is increased to two years.

If you have received a deportation order, you are never able to renter Canada without first obtaining the Authorization to Return. Note that a departure order, which has no serious consequences besides you being asked to exit Canada voluntarily, becomes a deportation order if not obeyed. This can have serious consequences on any further immigration goals to Canada.

If you have been issued an exclusion or deportation order, you will need an Authorization to Return to Canada. Without this, regardless of your intended purpose in Canada, you will not be allowed to return. In addition to the authorization to return to Canada, depending on your purpose, you will also need the appropriate status document. 

How Isakov Immigration Law Can Help You:

  • Prepare the application;
  • Draft supporting documents;
  • Assist you in obtaining necessary documentation ;
  • Present your case to Immigration Canada in the best light possible;
  • Communicate with IRCC on your behalf;
  • processing time; and

Be with you every Step of the way