Canada has some of the top academic institutions and research facilities in the world and has over 250,000 international students. we will assist prospective international students by providing guidance and information needed on everything there is to know about studying in Canada. We will assist prospective students apply for the study permit or student visa for Canada, temporary resident visa and in finding a suitable educational program which fits with the student needs and requirements.

In general, all students who want to attend an institution in Canada must obtain a study permit.  However, there are exceptions such as those who attend a study program of less than 6 months, those who attend distance education, and minor children who are already in Canada. 

Where to Start the Process?

In order to acquire a study permit you must demonstrate a number of different factors to an immigration officer assessing your application. Firstly, you must have valid acceptance into an eligible Canadian Institution. Secondly, as you are applying for a temporary status document you must satisfy an officer that your stay in Canada will be temporary. 

In addition to the above, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must demonstrate that you have enough money to sustain yourself and your family, while you are in Canada;
  • You and your accompanying family must be healthy to be admissible to Canada
  • You must prove your identity;
  • You must be law-abiding and have no record of criminal activity; and
  • Not be a risk to the security of Canada or Canadian citizens;

What is the Application Process?

Processing times will depend on the Canadian visa office where you submitted your application. The visa office will review your application to make sure you have completed it correctly and have included all the required documents. If your application is incomplete, it will not be processed it will be returned to you.

It is generally understood that you should apply for your study permit at least 3-6 months in advance of your intended studies to ensure that your visa is processed in time for the start of your schooling. If you do not have your study permit on time, you will not be allowed to study in Canada.

How to Extend Your Study Permit?

If you are continuing your studies in Canada, you have the option to extend your study permit based on that continuing education. However, the same requirements would essentially apply:

  • You will need to demonstrate your success in the previous year;
  • That you have been enrolled in the next year of studies;
  • You have enough money to support your stay in Canada;
  • You have enough money to pay for your tuition.

How to Apply for a Off Campus Work Permit?

Many graduates are eligible to receive post-graduation work permits to facilitate their stay. Eligible international graduates are authorized to work full-time after their studies are completed and until a decision is made on their application for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

If you obtain your Study Permit, you are also eligible to obtain an Off Campus Work Permit that will allow you to work a specified amount of hours off campus. An Off Campus Work Permit is unique in the sense that it allows a student to work for any eligible employer in Canada, this is known as an open work permit.

To qualify, you must be a full-time student enrolled at a participating publicly funded post-secondary educational institution or in an approved program at an eligible privately funded institution.

To work off campus, you must first apply for your work permit and follow a similar process. Do not begin to work off campus until you have received your work permit. The work permit authorizes you to work up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions, and full time during scheduled breaks (for example, winter and summer holidays, and spring break).

A work permit does not guarantee that you will find a job. It is your responsibility to look for work. Even if you work off campus, your studies must be the main reason you are in Canada.

IoiCanada Immigration Services will:

  • Prepare the application
  • Draft supporting documents
  • Assist you in obtaining necessary documentation 
  • Present your case to Immigration Canada in the best light possible
  • Communicate with CIC on your behalf